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Targeting the C-Suite: How to Market your Content Effectively!

Marketing is not just about starting or concluding with numbers when you are particularly targeting the C-Suite; it’s about creating trust, long term customer base, generating a crucial space for your brand in the market and a lot more. Hence, being a marketer is no less than being someone who is good at multi-tasking- Being aware is the go-to mantra over here! Yes, you need to be in touch with what is happening in the business world, what your target audiences are seeking, how your peers are performing, your SERPs, how you are going to approach and convince them, so that, you are able to create worthwhile content.



The C-Suite have their conscience stuck to growth and other essential issues revolving around the company and their schedules are usually packed. We cannot proclaim it is their ego but it is actually true that, with great power comes great responsibility too. Therefore, when you are framing your content with the sole purpose of marketing it to the C-Level executives, make them sensible, to the point, interesting and keep the reality intact.

Content marketing is no longer a numbers game. It’s a game of relevance. –Jason Miller

Furthermore, let us observe the ways in which you can market your content to the C-Suite effectively-


Be precise


The C-Suite is where they are because of their professional experience and they usually have a clear vision about the pain points, as well as the plus points about the business they are involved in. Therefore, as a marketer you need to check that every single thing you plan to present to these profile holders are to the point and don’t have too many riddles to confuse them. You should know that they are always seeking out for answers to the many issues or mere anticipations about the future, hence, it would make a lot more sense if your content could touch these priority points, so that, they can perceive them to be resonating with what they are looking for.


Research and refine


For you to be precise, you got to put your research game on! There are various analytical tools that will accompany you to find what your target audiences are looking for- use Big Data, content marketing tools like BuzzSumo, Synthesio and similar tools to give that extra edge to all that you dig into to come up with something substantial for your content. Researching will take you to a vast space where everything seems to make sense at one go or vice versa. It’s daunting and vague at the same time but the right refining skills will probably give a clearer view of what is there and what should be done with regards to your content for the C-Suite.


Topics of growth and innovation


As you sort out what to include and what to leave behind within your content, remind yourself to squeeze in a generous amount of topics based on growth and innovation. The Reason? The context of most of the topics that the C-Suite search for are based on these two subject matters. It is basically an integral part of what we refer to as ‘buyer’s journey’ and in our case it’s the one within the B2B market where the buyers and sellers are the businesses themselves. Substantiating the context of your content is a pivotal matter.


Enrich your content


Enrich your content with insightful components like, white papers, infographics, and e-books, apart from blogs citing about answers to questions that might be ringing within the minds of your target audience. Generate a significant web presence which is worth your efforts and the expectations of your target audience… And you know what? About 80% of the C-Suite gravitate towards curated content. Moreover, make them realize that you aren’t there to grab their attention and leave but to be there for their business for the long term. Tell them about ideas and innovations that could be adapted by them at strategic levels.


Relevant and trending keywords


Beautifully designed content populated with fancy words isn’t going to create the traffic you want for your online content and forget about the C-Suite, they won’t even have a worthwhile standing within the web pages presented by the search engine- you would need to infuse relevant keywords which are trending at the same time. Also, the myth that the C-Suite aren’t spending their time over online searches does not hold true because they do and with a whopping 72 % of generic search either to get information or to make purchases for the business. So, add value to your content by finding and utilizing pertinent keywords with befitting density.

It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins. –Andy Crestodina

Alignment of intention


It is important for your entire content marketing team to be aligned with the main goal of why the content is being created. Such an alignment will bring in uniformity within the team although each might have their own way to get things done. Eventually, you can weave in something that might be written in varied ways, covering various topics, but the essence would be the same; basically portraying the greater goal! Include the pain points, solutions and also talk about costs and when serendipity strikes, the C-Suites might trace their way towards your creation and both of you could hit the right chord.


Be consistent and prepared


Being prepared is an essential component of existence and being consistent is the way to be and in business it really is necessary. Keep seeking for the subject matters the C-Suite are usually looking out for and don’t think much about immediate response- shut the noise off and just keep working and back up your business with sensible


Secure highly- targeted databases


While we know that marketing based on databases is not similar to content marketing, however, while approaching the C-Suite the larger your propensity towards what matters to them the greater will be the probability for them to confide in your brand. And, procuring authentic C-Level Executives Email Database can further nourish your intent to concoct significant content. How? You can anticipate a genuine buyer’s profile and that too of the C-Level executives and then use that information to frame content that they can relate to.


Include video content


Nowadays, the stats show that the C-Suite engage themselves over video content that demonstrate various topics related to business. Hence, integrate a notable amount of professional HD videos within your content for attracting more of these profile holders to your company’s website. Round about 75% of the C-Levels check out such video content on various business portals.


In conclusion, we can say that the best way to sensibly market your content to the C-Suite depends upon your ability to listen to what they require, the extent to which you can check your weaknesses and strengths as marketers, being able to research intensively and extensively, having the patience to keep evolving, being aware of your peers, being able to talk about the pain points and simultaneously provide fitting and realizable solutions. Actualize your intentions in the right way and make things work for your business by getting in touch with the C-Suite through effective content marketing.