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Where can I buy verified email database of CEO?

This new year if you want your business to flourish, there are some activities you need to do differently and this includes simplifying your arduous and long sales cycle. Instead of just having a database which is not verified and has all possibility of obsolete data to be present in it, invest in a CEO Email list which is both foolproof and future proof. This way you will reduce the cost incurred on generating and validating the contacts and instead you can focus on what you do best- sell your products/ services.


The Chief Executive Officer is linchpin of the Organization who is responsible for both operational and strategic decision making in a company. The CEO will get lots of promotional emails in a day and to make yours stand out you must clearly state what the intention behind the email is and why he should open it and what pain points of his will you resolve. While you formulate this, we at DataCaptive provide CEO Email Address Lists that is effectively collected from trustworthy data sources.  These Email lists will get your product/ service in from t of the right audience thus enabling them to take the decision whether or whether not to buy your product/ service.



Our C-Level Executives List are Exhaustive and can be customized to meet the exact needs of your business. It is always good to have the email addresses of the right people as it will allow for a quicker and easier decision making process as compared to others.  The CEO Contact List is created after many hours of qualifying and quantifying the data by our data experts who ensure that you should not miss out even a single opportunity when targeting your prospects.


Salient Features:


  • Seamless Partnership with Data Partners for easy access to data and credentials of key decision makers
  • Geo targeted leads of businesses an people suitable for your company/ business.
  • 2 Million Phone calls made per month as part of our data verification processes.
  • All Data and Contacts are 100% verified and ready to use
  • More than 12 Million validation message sent every month.
  • Database is regularly updated to keep out stale and obsolete data.


We at DataCaptive are a very ethical company and don’t believe in just selling and cutting ties with the end users but rather maintain the users and nurture their needs so they can make future purchase Business Contacts Database from your company. The contacts and credentials we collect are also from reliable and trustworthy sources. We have built up a reputation over the last quarter of a century of existence and want to offer the same or better services that will alleviate your pain points.


So make sure you leverage this opportunity.


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