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Where can I avail the CSO email list for marketing campaigns?

CSO Business Email List Providers

Customized Mailing lists that will help you reach the Chief security officers in target markets in the USA, UK, Canada and Europe.

Who is a Chief Security Officer?



A Chief Security Officer is the highest ranking authority within the security sphere of an organization and is generally in charge of developing and putting into place the security detail and protocol within an organization.  A Chief Security Officer is in charge of developing both physical and digital programs required to safeguard the company’s assets and financial secrets.


Reaching a certain set of audience in today’s super competitive market space is a challenge in itself and formulating strategies once you reach them is a different ball game altogether. We at DataCaptive have formulated a multi- channel curated B2B Email Database that will help you reach the right audience and effectively drum around your product/service. The CSO is among the most important of all the C suite executives in a particular organization. He is in charge of developing and implementing security strategies and protocols. He is also equally responsible to safeguard the privacy of the company’s data and to make sure that there is no possibility of data leakage which will cause mass hysteria and will dent the reputation of the company.



At DataCaptive we know how important it is to reach the right audience and that is why we have developed the most accurate CSO Email Addresses to help you reach the key personnel within various target organizations. Our CSO is the most accurate and will help you reach any CSO from your targeted organization list.


To sell your Product/ Service you must always engage in dialogue with the key personnel by using multiple channels and pushing through an effective message and a convincing presentation. Our Data Experts will assemble the right sets of data and customize it to meet your needs of your business.


Another influential aspect of our CSO mailing list is that the available contact details are all updated & verified and deliverable contact particulars to ensure business success through promotion.


How Our CSO Email Lists Can Profit You?


  • Target the key professionals
  • Increase customer base and improve sales.
  • Provides lists of the prospects who are interested in CSO products.
  • Available both in pre-packaged and personalized list.
  • Verified by in-house data experts with respective technical professionals
  • Updated to include changes in job, industry, profile, etc.


At DataCaptive, we assist you to create a CSO based email database and newsletter program with brilliant revenue rates.


Our C-Level Executives Email Database is well set with e-mails of top CSO professionals and also with accurate and up-to-date names and contact information of many industries’ leading executives and managers.


We are proud to offer the IT Industry CSO Email List which is one of the largest and highest quality databases for the worldwide market.


We follow all the guidelines set by the Direct Marketing Association and are CAN-Spam compliant.


To know more reach us at:


Phone:   1-800-523-1387

Email ID: connect@datacaptive.com